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 One of the lesser known tales of WWII...

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"it is refreshing and incredibly touching to discover a part of our history through a more intimate and personal narrative. …As If They Were Angels beautifully encapsulates the legacy of the brave souls. Hopefully, it will live on and continue to inspire future generations."

"This experience was life changing. There was not a dry eye in the house as a standing ovation filled the room with a sense of our shared humanity... I will be forever grateful for this experience. This film is a gift! Congratulations to all the people involved in this project, as it’s a story the entire world should hear to help restore our faith in humankind."

"Can’t say enough about this film! It was so well put together and heartwarming, besides being a part of Newfoundland/American history I knew nothing about until today !! Hats off to Terry Strauss and the courageous beautiful people from Lawn and St Lawrence!

"Amazing! It's another 'Come From Away' story that has been waiting to be told."

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